29 Sep

Your Past Prepares

Take a moment and consider where you came from. So much in your life has happened and has brought you to now. What you do with that past is more important than the details of the past. Take with you the strength you gained, the wisdom you acquired, the lessons you learned and use everything you already are to shape your today and tomorrow. If you still have breath, it is not too late to start creating the life you want.

Take with you the strength you gained - Thursday Thought

– Bernette

Heaven is Now

29 Sep

The Castle and Her Lady


Author’s Perspective

I wrote The Castle and Her Lady while thinking about society on multiple levels. I considered society, the country, the world and how we must come together in the face of troubles, to collectively save ourselves – as represented by the societal group we may be a part of. Our lady (our collective existence) is within this castle (societal and governmental institutions). The castle is crumbling, those charged with maintaining order are uneasy, the people are restless and wanting to see the castle fixed. But not in the same way, better. Hear us, let us in to help. We are resilient and if we see our lady is struggling, like a child in water, we will do what we must to save her.

The Castle and Her Lady
By Bernette Sherman

Shadows loom as dark clouds brood
Above the castle’s walls
The stone is chipped
The panes are cracked
The guards tense where they stand

Outside the high and pointed gates
the people round and wait
A crack of lightning strikes,
but in some distant place
Oh not so, as it comes close

The thunder claps around
The sound deafens the cries and pleas
of those who take the second watch
And where they’ve planted their weary feet
they peer through the cold steel bars

No one hears them, no one sees
They’re hidden in the descended mist
They’re lost in thunder, lightning, fog
Look there! Do not be distracted, blinded
Your focus, now, is required

You must only pass through the gates
You masons, builders, architects
Come now you dreamer and the child
Come now philosopher and scientist
Run with all your tools in hand
To the castle ‘fore she falls
Gather round to hold her up
She requires every one of us

The Castle and Her Lady contains an additional 14 stanzas which you can read free when you sign up to my mailing list or for just 99 cents when you download on Amazon.The Castle and Her Lady A Poem

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24 Sep

Heaven is Now


Heaven is NowI have released Heaven is Now: Enough Excuses. You ARE Worth Living For! on Amazon. It is the compilation of what amounts to years of essays, thoughts, and poetry as well as inspirational talks and meditations I’ve given.

They are meant to provide inspiration so that you can begin creating your heaven now.

While considering what I wanted for the people who would read this, I went through many thoughts. At the end, it was for the reader to be inspired and motivated to get up and say yes to their life. For the reader to show up in their lives and realize it is happening right now. It was for the reader to realize that they deserve to be happy and to experience joy and success. That it is okay to want and to dream and fall and to cry, but you get back off your butt and start living again.

We do this step by step with intention. While some of the talks, essays, and meditations will hopefully tug at you to get off your behind, I hope they will all inspire you to begin creating your own heaven now.

The paperback will be available in time for the holidays and makes a wonderfully inspiring gift.

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22 Sep

Live in Love

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Live in Love

When you live in love
you seek to find
the goodness,
the unifying factors,
the oneness
that is inherent in
all beings and all things.

And this is,
in my opinion,
the purpose behind any religion

-By Bernette Sherman