24 Sep

Heaven is Now

Heaven is NowI have released Heaven is Now: Enough Excuses. You ARE Worth Living For! on Amazon. It is the compilation of what amounts to years of essays, thoughts, and poetry as well as inspirational talks and meditations I’ve given.

They are meant to provide inspiration so that you can begin creating your heaven now.

While considering what I wanted for the people who would read this, I went through many thoughts. At the end, it was for the reader to be inspired and motivated to get up and say yes to their life. For the reader to show up in their lives and realize it is happening right now. It was for the reader to realize that they deserve to be happy and to experience joy and success. That it is okay to want and to dream and fall and to cry, but you get back off your butt and start living again.

We do this step by step with intention. While some of the talks, essays, and meditations will hopefully tug at you to get off your behind, I hope they will all inspire you to begin creating your own heaven now.

The paperback will be available in time for the holidays and makes a wonderfully inspiring gift.

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