09 Nov

I AM Still Strong, Smart, and Powerful Even if…

I am still as strong, smart, and powerful as I was yesterday and will be even stronger tomorrow. I know that change only truly happens at a much higher level, when we go within and become whole. When we do this collectively, it will show up on the outside, in what we see with our physical eyes. No party, candidate, or outside force can be the master of your spirit unless you give it permission.

I am a citizen of this country and while I will live to my greatest potential in this world, I will not forget that my deeper truth is not of this world. I will not forget that I am first and foremost a spiritual being having what feels like a very real human experience and I am sharing that experience with billions of others who cannot afford to forget this either.

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Hold onto your power, your strength, your inner goodness because it does exist everywhere and in everyone – even if you can’t see it with your physical eyes. Do not give that power away to anyone no matter what. Do not follow blindly, but rather with good and thoughtful consideration, good judgment, and in good conscious.
We move forward, beginning today. We have a choice in how we do it, just as we have a choice in all things. We also have a responsibility, a real responsibility to hold those who lead us accountable but also to hold them up and hold up our higher consciousness on their behalf.
I do not believe this election offered a chance for there to be any real winners but it offers us a chance to go higher, by searching within and loving more as we continue, collectively, in our efforts to be better.

Regardless of who you support or supported or how you feel about the candidates, we must move forward and the only way to do it right is to do it together, while remembering the truth of our power.

I love you. I choose higher.