09 Jan

Just Words

They are just words

It’s not like I ever hit you

They’re only words

What are you weak?

I never did a thing

They are but words

What’s wrong with you?

Can’t you take a joke?

I never raised a hand

or grabbed you by the throat

Are you stupid, blind, or just crazy

to think I’d ever hurt you

I love you more than I’ve ever loved

Yeah, I’m giving that love to you

You should be grateful I’d have you

Some days I’m not sure why I do

You don’t respect, treat me like less

and then get moody

Like I did something to you

If anything it’s you, not me

Walking around like you scared to speak

I’ll tell you what then, I’ll speak for you

You don’t have anything worth saying anyway

What was that? You trying to talk back?

I won’t be disrespected

This is my house and I do what I do

You just make sure you clean up the mess

I need to get out of here

don’t ask me where I’m going

don’t tell me you need to talk

You’re lucky all I have is words for you

and those words better be enough

Like I said, I’d never hurt you

So just move out the way…

They are just words

I tell myself

He’d never hit me, so it’s okay

I step back and watch him walk away…

I write this poem to let those who are suffering and have suffered from the invisibility of being in an emotionally abusive relationship. It is real. You are seen. Don’t let the internal hurt be minimized because it doesn’t bear external scars. They are not just words. What is spoken is powerful and writes itself onto our minds and hearts. It impacts us in ways we may not even see for years. You are strong and worthy and deserving, just as I was and am. Love yourself enough to trust that you do deserve to be loved the right way.

#emotionalabuse #wordshurt