20 Mar

A Poetic Summary of Chosen

About Chosen: A Poetic Summary

For millenia the Descendants have ruled
Their power goes the world through
Removing those that would resist
Accepting casualties of the innocent
Their greed and what they’ve will to do
Without bounds they write the truth
Maintain control while the planet breaks
Point no fingers, take no blame

The seven chosen before birth
Face secret dangers of the Earth
The World Consensus and UniCorps
Knowing what will come, press forth
Silence all who’d warn the masses
They give the Chosen cause for action
With Keepers and mentors at their sides
They learn why they came into this life

Genetically changed for strength and endurance
To enhance natural gifts and performance
To overcome the evil plaguing the planet
To defeat the giants and restore balance
In the end, to save the world
Born three boys and four girls
Each of them special and unique
A different continent and quality

Now they know who and why they are
They’ve gotten a glimpse of a world torn apart
it’s time to decide to speak out or hide
To be part of the answer or let millions die
To awaken to their lives as the Chosen
And walk through that one way gate
Quelled curiosity and the answers they seek
Are all bound together – just turn the page


Book 1 available for 99cents. If ypu don’t like it, it’s free.


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