24 Mar

Start Within

There are a million reasons we may feel upset and worried about the future. Whether you see the world and the problems that persist in one form or another since the understanding of time by humans or you recognize the escalation of those same issues in our time, it can feel very real.

What can I, as one single person in a world of billions do to change anything? I have my idea and vision and I’m allowing it to start with me and go out with my writing and expression through and with Creative Core. And I feel excited about my choice and path because I am more encouraged now than I have ever been to believe we are on the precipice of a future that will recognize and honor all people, truly.

A future that, while respecting our beautiful differences that make each of us special, also recognizes the many similarities. The ones that we often don’t see at first glance. The ones that require we get to know each other. That we meet, talk, break bread, and go deeper than the tags and labels we so easily apply when viewing each other from the outside.

I am encouraged. I am also grateful that we are collectively reaching for higher. That we are becoming aware not only of the reality of an oppressive landscape we have struggled under ourselves but are becoming empathetic to different oppressive conditions people unlike us face each day. Through our own struggles, we are finally able to connect with those of someone else.

Start Within

It’s when we are willing to do some inner reflection and look at the world both as it is and how it could be that we see the gap and can begin closing it. Don’t be afraid to say it isn’t working. Because right now, in this three-dimensional reality, it is not. By the same token, be fearless in knowing that it will work but only if we, as women, work it.

Start with yourself. Determine the key issues you are most passionate about. Where do you stand? Are you flexible in finding creative solutions and considering new ideas? How can you advocate in a peaceful (that doesn’t mean lying down), respectful, and loving way? And yes, sometimes love can be tough. Figure that out for yourself, and then find your sisters and get started.

My dear Pearls, a world that works for all of us starts with you and extends from there. It starts with you looking within and determining what your truth is and then living it every day.

How about joining or creating a group? It may be for your area or the world, and start the conversation with others who share your passions.

I am on the west side of Atlanta and through Creative Core my goal is to use words to raise consciousness and as a way of creative expression so that our young people learn the power of thinking creatively and expressing themselves constructively. At the same time I do this myself as a poet, author of fiction, and inspiration. My works start within me, literally and can spread as far as books and the internet can take them. Change the minds, we change the world.

How else can you show up? Tweet to @BernetteSherman with your comments.

You can also make a suggestion for what else we can do in the comments.

As you get involved remember to always, first and foremost, take care of you. We’re all better when we do.

When we work together we become a force unmatched. Let us choose right now to take this as far as we can, to be lights for others, to be a voice for the silenced, and to resist the fear and complacency that has crippled us.

Let’s start within and spread far and wide.

Bernette Sherman is an author, speaker, and coach. Her book Heaven is Now: Enough Excuses is available in paperback and e-book formats on AmazonCreative Core is how she shares her gifts with the world through books, poetry, classes, playshops, and more.