26 Mar

Would the World Care?

Here’s a list with a couple more missing DC girls and the poem I wrote this morning as I feel some kind of way. After writimg this I channeled my emotions in the studio that morning. Whew!


My daughter is 14 and if we were in DC this could be her. She’s the one who did the art for the poetry book cover coming out soon. She is vibrant and thoughtful and loving and I wonder:

If the world would care

if someone just up and snatched her away?

Would the world care

if she didn’t come home

because she’s black

and ‘they’ do things like that?

Would people search in droves

like they do for girls

with straighter hair and lighter skin?

Or would her case and my pleas

be put on the top of a growing pile

of cases deprioritized

because she doesn’t fit the profile

of one demanding attention?

Is her innocence compromised

because of her appearance?

Is she judged as unworthy

because of her parents?

Does the world, by its inaction

tell her, her life doesn’t matter

and let the curtain fall?


Or do good men and women

Those with hearts for all

Those who vow to equality and justice

Those sworn to protect the innocent

and bring right to the wrong;

do they rise up and search out

the dark corners and seedy places?

Ask the questions that are required

And persist because she’s worth it?

As they all are, as we all are

Because I know that decent people

who work to make things better

in DC face sleepless nights

and for that I thank you

But call up the press and do not stop

Before their picture’s on every station

Newspapers front page and radio

Shout out and tell the nation

Our girls our missing

Your daughters gone

We must find them

Bring them home

-Bernette Sherman