28 Apr

Changes – Doing Me

Have you ever tried to pull back who you are to appeal to more people? To satisfy others expectations of what and who you are supposed to be? I have. In fact I’ve been doing it right here.

This is the thing. I’m a complex individual with complex experiences, perspectives, ideas, beliefs, and dreams. Maybe you are too. Maybe you understand that things aren’t always black and white, up or down, yes or no. But that grays, midpoints, and maybes dance right along all those polarities and extremes. So do I.

What’s that mean? It just means I’m moving it all in, if you like it great, if you don’t, so be it. I can’t worry about the masses, when those who are meant to connect with me and find their way to their creative core through this spot – will.

I am spiritual. I am metaphysical. I am thoughtful. I am a teacher. I am a coach. I am a writer. I am a poet. I am human. I am female. I am black. I am open. I am creative. I am.

Are you ready to be you and create from a place of authenticity?

My coaching helps you tap into your creativity and pull it out because we all have it, we are it. At the core everything is creative. It’s time to move that creativity from your heart to sole!