13 Jun

A Year!


Last year this time, my first novella, Crossed: The Karma Crusades, made its debut on Wattpad as a featured story. I’ve updated the cover and am still proud of that accomplishment. You can still read it there or get it in paperback or ebook on Amazon.com.



01 Jun

Death of Democracy Published in Dissident Voice

I was thrilled to have my poem Death of Democracy accepted and published in the May 28th online edition of Dissident Voice for their weekly poem. What an honor to have this piece appreciated and shared in this way. You can see the poem on Dissident Voice here at Dissident Voice.

This poem was written in early May 2017 as I watched the rumbling of our democratic foundations and pondered how democracy dies, bit by bit, and will go the way of other powerful civilizations unless she is helped and aided by those who believe in her. If you like this poem, you may like my longer (epic length) poem called The Castle and Her Lady which is in Resist Persist.

Death of Democracy