About Creative Core with Bernette Sherman

At the core, everything requires creativity. Nothing exists without being created – first in the mind and then by our actions to bring those things to life.
– Bernette Sherman

Creative Core is where you’ll find Bernette’s creative works, and services, including coaching, classes, and other offerings.

About Bernette (Bio)

Bernette is an author, spoken word artist, and recording artist. She is an Amazon best-selling author with seven published books to her credit and more to come. Bernette shares a message of hope, peace, tolerance, personal power and love as one of the greatest tools to heal the world. She does this through exciting portrayals of heroes and antagonist as well as the truth she speaks in her poetry and inspirational books. She has performed as a spoken word artist and vocalist at venues in the metro Atlanta area and recently released her debut single, Walk in Peace. She is also an integrative creative coach living in the metro Atlanta area with her husband and children. Websites: www.CreativeCoreHS.com and www.BernetteSherman.com

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Bernette comes to the world as a creative individual with a passion for transforming lives through words, whether that be her written works or music.

Her book Heaven is Now: Enough Excuses. You ARE Worth Living For! is a collection of essays, talks, meditations, and poetry to encourage living  the life you want today. Her poetry book Resist Persist is a timely collection that reminds us to resist that which is untrue to our highest sense of self and persist in that which expands love, peace, and truth for us and even the world.

Creativity must continue to be a part of our lives as we mature. Bernette values every person for their individual character and how they show up in their own life and share that with others and the world. Bernette’s desire is to continue moving and growing herself and to inspire others to move their creativity from heart to sole!

Bernette is a certified coach and holds her Bachelors of Business Administration and Masters of Public Administration from Georgia State University.  She is also a former Miss Black Georgia Metroplex and Miss Black International. Bernette believes  that self-expression can take many forms. She is one who writes, sings, and loves to dance. She values all of the above as well as visual arts.

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Bernette Sherman at Decatur Book Festival

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