26 May

Three Tips for Getting the Heart Flow Going – For Creative Artists

1980s music icons

Staring at a blank screen or canvas or even a mirror that reflects you standing there is common to all of us creative artists.

The key to overcoming the ‘blanks’ (just made that up) is not to think it through but feel and do. Here are five easy things you can do right now to get that flow from your heart going.

Tip One – Get Moving


When I’m in a creative slump it helps to get my body physically moving. I will exercise either by hitting the gym or if it’s nice outside, taking a walk along the nature trail. I take my phone along because quite often when I’m at the gym or on the trail, inspiration strikes and I need to be able to capture it!

I might also get completely free by dancing. Put on some music you love and that puts you in the energy vibe you want or need for what you are creating. Now dance. Move. Let the energy flow through your body and come out as something creatively you.

Tip Two – Get Inspired


Whatever your artistic outlet is, we can all be inspired by the world around us. Go out and be around people, nature, the elements of your environment.and observe, take it in. What about the experience and sights mean something to you or make you feel something. Do they speak to a part of you that perhaps was dormant and is slowly waking up? Are you seeing something in the human or natural experience that you connect with at the heart level? What is it? That is your inspiration. Whether you are a writer, visual artist, dancer or something else work from that feeling it gave you and use your creativity to express it for the next person or yourself.

Tip Three – Revisit the Past

1980s music icons

There is nothing completely new under this Sun. We may update, revision, restructure, and newly express but the ideas and concepts and problems being solved are as old as our collective human experience, if not older. So pull from that experience and see how you can take it further. Read a classic book or poetry, go to a museum and look at the art that graces the walls, watch dance videos from the 1980s and 1990s. Ha! If nothing else, it’ll make you smile and that alone is good for creating.

In all seriousness, we do not create in a vacuum, void of the acknowledgement that much has come before us. We are continuing the expression of life with our contributions so look to the past and you might get a spark, an idea, that gives you a fresh look at an old idea. Figure out how you can put your heart stamp on it and make it unique to you and relevant for our time.

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28 Apr

Changes – Doing Me

Have you ever tried to pull back who you are to appeal to more people? To satisfy others expectations of what and who you are supposed to be? I have. In fact I’ve been doing it right here.

This is the thing. I’m a complex individual with complex experiences, perspectives, ideas, beliefs, and dreams. Maybe you are too. Maybe you understand that things aren’t always black and white, up or down, yes or no. But that grays, midpoints, and maybes dance right along all those polarities and extremes. So do I.

What’s that mean? It just means I’m moving it all in, if you like it great, if you don’t, so be it. I can’t worry about the masses, when those who are meant to connect with me and find their way to their creative core through this spot – will.

I am spiritual. I am metaphysical. I am thoughtful. I am a teacher. I am a coach. I am a writer. I am a poet. I am human. I am female. I am black. I am open. I am creative. I am.

Are you ready to be you and create from a place of authenticity?

My coaching helps you tap into your creativity and pull it out because we all have it, we are it. At the core everything is creative. It’s time to move that creativity from your heart to sole!

25 Apr

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17 Apr

Self-Publishing versus Traditional Publishing – Part Three

Read part 2

In part two I talked about time being a factor in my considering going the traditional publishing route. The other consideration is promotion. I have to say that I’ve heard and read that traditional publishers aren’t promoting like they used to. They expect you, the author, the new OMG I just wrote a book and I never thought I would, but I’m so excited so I’ll tell my family and friends, author. Family and friends are good but here’s a little secret, unless you physically put that book in front of them, send them direct links to purchase, ask them personally for a review, they will probably just say “Congratulations! It looks great,” and keep on moving. You’ll know from the flat line of your KDP Report in Amazon. It looks and feels like death.

When I decided to write seriously I used the domain names I owned for myself (yes, go buy your name right now) and got a Twitter account and Facebook page. I invited people I know to like my Facebook page and have been trying to get a following on Twitter. Some days I feel like throwing in the towel on social media. But I can’t. The days are over when a publishing house spends thousands of dollars promoting a new author. These platforms are essential for me to be found because if no one finds me, no one finds my books. If no one finds my books, no one buys and reads my books. That means all the time and energy of bringing life to that story that once existed in fragmented pieces in my mind, is akin to putting pretty wrapping on it, hiding it in the closet, and forgetting about it.

Promoting your book is a constant effort. It takes time away from writing, and writing is a constant effort – that and the writing process. I don’t hold a college degree in writing or literature, though I helped my ex-husband earn his, and have always been a writer. I got As in English and Lit, took AP English in high school and had my poetry featured in a college poetry magazine my freshman year. I won Miss Black Georgia Metroplex 1996-1997 with an original poem as my talent, and have notebooks of poetry, song lyrics, essays, and random thoughts that I swear I will go through one day. The stack is only a foot tall. But none of that matters if no one knows you fricking exist.

That’s where a traditional publisher might provide some benefits. They do expect you to already have an author platform so if you haven’t started, go sign up for Twitter, get on FB, and get your website. Right now. If they do love your book, you can say ‘so and so’ picked up my book and gave me a deal, giving instant credibility to your talents as a writer. You appear on their author list, your books are on their SEO optimized websites that garner higher ranking and have massive mailing lists. They send your book in to those expensive review places and because of their distribution network, you actually have a shot at landing on a best-sellers list other than Amazon. I’ll be honest, it’s a longshot but it’s still a shot.

For those reasons, I am considering submitting my stand-alone novel to a traditional publisher but perhaps not as an agented submission. I just don’t do traditional anything very well. There are publishers who accept unagented submissions all the time or during certain open windows. I figure I can prepare my work to the best that I’m able and give it a try. With this book, publishing it before 2017 is out isn’t a big deal. I have book 2 of the Chosen Series that is begging me for attention (and books 3 and 4). As of this writing, I’m okay with letting that simmer through the dog days of summer for a release probably around September. What I realize, is that I can wait the weeks or months for a response if it means someone will help me get that book ready for the world. And if they do, that one book will help my other self-published books sell better. A win-win.

There are a few publishers stepping up their end of the bargain by offering more attractive 50/50 splits which are attractive if you know the amount of work and time and money it takes to do this right. If you are willing and able to pay for the services of editing (the full suite), promotion, book cover design, book layout and formatting, and have an author platform you may find it is a better financial decision to self-publish and take home 70% of an ebook price on Amazon (when you price it between $2.99 and $9.99).

In the end, it’s up to you and you have to make the choice based on how well you think you can get through the process to create a quality book that can compete in the big leagues. No book is perfect, even the big publishers have spelling and typographical errors, but don’t be that guy or girl who indie publishes a book riddled with distractions and inconsistencies because you failed to invest as much as you could into editing. And saying you had nothing to invest, means you may want to look at priorities in other areas before putting showing your baby to the world with a diaper that may be soiled and ready to soak through.

Before you decide how to publish, you actually need a book worth publishing. I’m assuming you’ve gotten that far, but have someone read it who will be honest with you before you go any further. Once you past that test here are a few questions to ask yourself before you decide how you want to publish:

  • Do you have the patience to wait for the traditional publishing process?
  • Do you mind losing some of the creative control or having your message edited?
  • Do you like having to do all the self-promoting yourself?
  • Do you have an author platform?
  • Do you enjoy the editing and full writing process?  Do you have time for it?
  • Do you already have a good team consisting of an editor and a couple beta-readers?
  • Do you mind learning how to format your ebook and/or paperback? If not, are you willing to pay someone to do this?

Are you already published? Which route did you take and what’s your experience been?

Need help getting through that first draft? Try this.FOCUS 4 Week Draft Cover KindleFOCUS: How to Write a Four Week First Draft

12 Apr

Out of Apathy (Poetry)

Out of Apathy is an original poem written and shared by Bernette Sherman.

It is available in Resist Persist (May 23, 2017) on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XT2MKDX.

Bernette will be sharing writing and poetry from her inspirational book Heaven is Now: Enough Excuses and Resist Persist at the Book Signing and Reading on April 29th at the Book House in Mableton, GA. If you are in the metro Atlanta area, please come out to meet me and two other local authors.

07 Apr

Too Pretty?

I share this as a reminder about how things can be for a woman trying to work. For me, it started at 15. And I will go back and say I have a working spirit. If I could work, I did. I did odd jobs, sold candy, delivered newspapers, and other things until I was 15 and old enough for a work permit.

family restaurant

And yes, I wanted to work. I went to a nearby family restaurant in Waterworks Mall in Pittsburgh to ask about a job as a hostess. I came in and spoke to the manager and was told that I would be great but he couldn’t hire me because I was too pretty and would distract the guys working on the kitchen. At 15 I didn’t even have a response. It wasn’t a compliment but he tried to make me feel like it was.

It would be the following year before I found a job, and only because I met someone who knew the manager at the McDonald’s downtown. My next job in the back of a dry cleaners steaming out clothes and pressing shirts was because of knowing someone as well.

I learned a lot from these experiences but I will never forget that in my first foray in the job market my looks and being a female were a liability (later learned to turn that around) but it stays with you.

As a female coming from a poor family I wanted to work and I was put in the margins not because I couldn’t do the job but because of other people’s inability to manage themselves.

Did I really have that much power?  No. What I had was the excuse those who hold power have held over women since the beginning of time. I am not your Eve. I am not the apple you are powerless to resist. Man up and resist the temptation.

Bernette Sherman is an author, speaker, and coach. See my creative works and offerings, including classes, and playshops at www.CreativeCoreHS.com.

06 Apr

Whisper in the Wind (Poem Sample)


Whisper in the Wind

My hands glide across the keyboard

and yet I stare at nothing

Inspiration sapped by desperation

What words can I even say?

Does nothing mean anything?


My tears dot the “I”

I cannot, I will not leave the keys

Something may yet come forth

But I’m not supposed to let it

It isn’t polite

to speak such things or in that way


Smile and wave

that’s how you do it,

get through it

One more day

Smile and wave


Stuff it down

Cuz my irritation

isn’t welcome here

Never was

Will it ever be?


Will anyone ever care to hear?

That I’m tired

and sometimes angry

At the ignorance and lies

At arrogance and pompous clowns

Who have never lived real life


The keyboard does no justice

Yet it is where I am

My canvas to paint a better world

With vivid color, brush the land


(Full poem in Resist Persist book – releases May 2017)

Preorder resist persist now by bernette sherman








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31 Mar

Personal Love

Over the past couple of months I’ve given a lot of thought to the idea of love. I’ve thought about love as it relates to my husband, my children, my mother and brothers, my neighbors, my neighborhood, my city, my country, and the world I live in. I’ve thought about love as it relates to God and how God relates to me. I thought about it in these ways because love is personal. It is something you feel, give, and receive on a personal level. Talking about love only becomes real through the experience of it.

I never knew what it was like to love someone completely without any conditions or expectations until I gave birth to my daughter. My heart expanded and my concept of love with it. I now understood my own mother better because of that experience.

When I look at the world right now, I see it. I see love. I know that it is easy to be distracted by the flashing lights of discontent and what appears as hate, but I recognize that as a lack of love. Perhaps you’ve heard the saying that love brings up anything unlike itself. Why? So, that it can be healed by love. Five years ago, I couldn’t have imagined being in this place and faced with the challenge of expanding love, peace, and equality on such a large scale but here we are. It got personal. It got personal for the masses.

It had been personal for many disenfranchised groups for a long time, but the voices became louder because there are more of them. Some voices cry out against a thing. I want to cry out for something. I want to cry out for more love, knowing that if we have more love the rest will follow.

Personal Love
I desire for love to become a consumable centerpiece at the table of life, shared by all, because all are welcome at the table. I don’t imagine it will happen overnight. I’m not that naïve. But I do believe that our world will lean more visibly towards love by the time I see the faces of my grandchildren. While the large demonstrations are important for building awareness and raising consciousness on a mass level, the small demonstrations are even more important.
I’m speaking of the small acts of love we have an opportunity to show every single day to our family, our friends, our neighbors, and in our neighborhoods. Perhaps it’s the smile you give a stranger at the grocery store, helping a mom with her hands full, picking up something that someone dropped, buying someone lunch, or even a coffee, calling an old friend just to say hi and show you care. Simple things that collectively raise the energy of love higher.
Now is the time to recommit to loving more and there is no shortage of ways to love.

In what ways can you love others?

Bernette Sherman is an author, speaker, and coach. Her book Heaven is Now: Enough Excuses is available in paperback and e-book formats on AmazonCreative Core is how she shares her gifts with the world through books, poetry, classes, playshops, and more.