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Bernette is an Amazon best-selling independent author of fiction, non-fiction, and inspirational works as well as a singer and songwriter.

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Resist Persist (Poetry Book)

Available on Amazon as an ebook an in paperback.

A special collection of poetry on creating a reality outside the box, finding the courage to live your truth, and rising to the occasion of your life.

Resist that which is untrue to our highest sense of self. Persist in that which expands love, peace, and truth for us and even the world.

Chosen_PaperbackCover_lightened thumbnailChosen: A Paranormal, Sci-fi, Dystopian Novel

Available on Amazon as an ebook an in paperback.

Corporate Greed. Government Corruption. A Planet in Turmoil. In 2165 the world has reached the breaking point. Literally.

Hope for the future rests with a group of diverse teens, including Stella, Stephen, Marco, Alexis, Delia, Lyn, and Rennold. They’ve been genetically engineered before birth and chosen from around the world to save the planet and its people. In Chosen they begin to understand the truth of the world they live in.


Out of the Woods: Goldilocks Meets the Modern WorldOut of the Woods: Goldilocks Meets the Modern World

Available on Amazon as an ebook.

For Amarilla Goldlock, commonly known as Goldilocks, the three bears were just a part of her story, and not the beginning or the end.

Amarilla was taught the important lessons of surviving in the enchanted forest, and more importantly to never leave. Amarilla sets out on a quest to survive after the loss of everyone she loves. But she is different, the golden child and as she braves this new world, she learns to trust herself and tap into the magic. In the process, she discovers magic, evil, love, and herself.

Out of the Woods is set in a modern world with magic and fantasy.

Crossed New Cover 4 2017Crossed: The Karma Crusades, The First Adventure

Available on Amazon as an ebook and in paperback.

A dark mysterious stranger on a mission from heaven also seeks vengeance for his brother. Clouded by emotion, he mistakenly crosses the minds of the innocent with the guilty. Bette, an average sixteen year old, is suddenly thrown into an unbelievable world. She struggles eith how she will find her way back to herself and back home. With the aid of an unsuspecting friend she seeks to reclaim her life.

FOCUS 4 Week Draft Cover KindleFocus: How to Write a Four Week First Draft: An Easy Guide to Writing Fiction

Available on Amazon as an ebook and in paperback.

From the author who wrote 3 first drafts for a series in twelve weeks comes FOCUS: How to Write a 4 Week First Draft.

She shares what she’s done and includes personal lessons and tips as well as resources and writing prompts. If you are a new author or an established author looking to begin writing a novel or finally get structure to finish it, this is your book.

Heaven is Now: Enough ExcusesHeaven is Now: Enough Excuses. You ARE Worth Living For

Available on Amazon as an ebook and in paperback.

Between 2000 and 2001 I transitioned out of a job and out of a limiting belief system. Those changes opened up the space that allowed me to keep moving. Back then, I was learning this – to trust that I am taken care of as long as I do what I am meant to do and keep showing up for my life. Now, I know that am always taken care of when I walk in the direction of my evolving truth and purpose.

Awaken the Chosen (Book 2 of Chosen Series)
Coming Late  Summer/Early Fall 2017

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