25 Apr

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I’ll be reading from this book and my upcoming poetry book Resist Persist on Saturday, April 29th at the Book House in Mableton. If you’re in Atlanta, come by for the reading and signing.

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17 Mar

Doing What You Must – Despite Fear

Another car talk about something I’m dealing with this week. Dealing with my fear and shame over a part of me I don’t daylight much and don’t share with many who aren’t in my circle of trust.

I figured I’d finally upload it since what I’m talking about is about to become real and open to the world on Saturday, March 18 and yeah, I’m still nervous and unsure, but I’m not stepping back.

26 Dec

Happy Holidays and Here’s to Saying Yes to You in the New Year

2017 is Near and It’s Time to Say Yes!


On December 26th I woke up with a vision for a book that would launch me into 2016 and into following a dream I’d let lie dormant for too long.

I chose to be an author. I chose to write. I chose to create worlds that left the confines of my mind to be given breathe through the stroke of each finger against black keys that brought life to words as they went from thought to screen. It was in those early days when I wondered where the vision would lead, where the dream would take me, and if I could really do it, that I said yes. Yes to me and my hopes to live outside as I do within. To release the power that is in me, fueling me to honor myself and the power that flows.

It was in those moments, in the early hours of morning, when it was quiet and others slept, that dreams took form and Chosen was implanted, firmly burrowed in, ready.

But, what I didn’t know at the time, was that it wasn’t just my first novel that I was pregnant with. It was life itself – my life, that gave me fullness. I was expecting and just like a baby, you don’t know what it will look like when born, but you nurture it in the womb and trust that it is good, because you put good things in.

I trusted, and in conceiving the idea for Chosen I also conceived a new me. One where I allow my creativity to flow and then honor it with action. I let it play out and while doing that, I have fun. The worlds I create didn’t exist before. The characters are from my imagination. And as I write and share my works, I recognize the parallels to life.

We can create whole worlds and characters that come in to progress the plot and then leave when their role in our story is done. We can bring them back or leave them out. It is completely up to us – the author of our story.

After a year, I know I will never be the same. I gave myself permission to shine. Permission to dream. Permission to create and then I said yes. Yes to it all. Yes to me. And writing is just a part of the me that I say yes to, every single day.

In honor of that, I am sharing my stories with you. Beginning December 26th through December 30th several of my books will be completely free to download. This is a way of saying thank you to that unseen force that asks us to say yes to our lives, to show up in our lives, to be present in our lives in thoughts, words, and actions.

2017 is upon us and at this moment you have a choice. The choice to say yes. My wish for you is that you be inspired by my words whether from my works of fiction or inspiration and that you will say yes to you. That you will choose to make 2017 your year to give yourself permission to shine.

Bernette web

Following are the books I’ve published in 2016. Please take advantage of this gift and download and read as many as you want over the days they are set to free. You may also share and give this gift to others.

A free pdf Reviewer’s copy of either Heaven is Now: Enough Excuses, Chosen, or Out of the Woods may be available to those who commit to writing a review on Amazon.com, on my website (either here or Bernette.net for fiction), and on your platform (if applicable). If I am already familiar with you, simply email me and allow me time for processing. If you are new, please email me and include who you are, your website where you post your reviews, as well as links to your social media accounts. Free copies to those I am unfamiliar with are limited to vetted and legitimate book reviewers.

Under my pen name A. Bernette, enjoy the following:

Travel to the future in my Chosen series saga with the building suspension and diversity of Chosen, my debut sci-fi book.

Experience the modern world through the eyes of Goldilocks as she discovers of magic, evil, and love in Out of the Woods.

Take a walk into a paranormal world where a simple mistake could cost an innocent girl her life in Crossed: The Karma Crusades.

See what a simple bench holds in The Wait, an intriguing short-story.

For aspiring writers, get my book of tips, suggestions, prompts, and resources, FOCUS: How to Write a Four Week First Draft (Use a simple tool I used to stay on task and accountable).

For those with an interest in dowsing and  development of spiritual gifts my best-selling book Pendulums and Protection: An Introduction is a great start to developing your intuition.

Under Bernette Sherman, be inspired with the following works:
Read my Amazon best-selling book Heaven is Now: Enough Excuses for inspiration in the form of essays, talks, meditations, and poetry.

The Fall and Rise of Faith: Losing My Religion and Finding God is a short book about my spiritual journey of discovery

My long-poem The Castle and Her Lady is a socio-political poem that has great relevance in this day.
Most of the above books are also a
vailable for free for Kindle Unlimited members.

In addition to the above works, three additional novels – books two and three in Chosen Series and one stand-alone have been drafted and are in the pipeline for 2017 and 2018. A new game of insight is also being developed as a tool for guidance as you reach for the dreams, desires, goals, and life you want.ownload #free #kindle #ebooks #bookgiveaway #freebooks #freeebooks #sciencefiction #paranormal #dystopia #poetry #inspirationalbook

08 Dec

It’s Okay to Be Selfish

Dear people,

It’s okay to be selfish sometimes. It’s not in itself a bad thing. If you cannot take care of and nuture and tend to your needs when you have them (not just when the timing is perfect), how can you ever know what it feels like to have your needs met by the one person closest to you (you)?

It’s important to know how to fill your cup. And if you don’t know how to take care of yourself so your cup is full, how can you then give to others out of your overflow, your full cup?

When we are selfish, in a healthy self-loving way, we are actually expanding our capacity to be selfless, to care more, to give more, to love more. And we can better do it from a place of fullness rather than need. It them comes from a good heart and with good intentions, puting that energy into motion for you and those who drink from full cup.

21 Nov

Evidence of What Was Sown

My November Talk at ITC

Evidence of What Was Sown

(some of the personal stories not included, including the one inspiring the silly song I include at the end of this post.)

In November we celebrate Thanksgiving in the US. We gather with friends and family and begin what we often refer to as the holiday season. We look forward to the food, the festivities, the gifts. We enjoy family and friendships. These things are a reminder that we exist, that we live here in this physical existence.

But when you think of harvest and celebrating the reward of a year well lived I want you to consider the harvest on another level.

There are people hurting right now. People who don’t see anything evidence in their lives that good things are coming or that God sees them.

There are people who look around at what they have or what the holidays will be like and feel sadness rather than joy.

And their view is valid from our tthree-dimensionalstate of perception. What they are seeing with their human eyes doesn’t line up with the truth of abundance for all of us.

Your physical life is a reflection of your spiritual life. Your physical life is a reflection of your spiritual life.

It is the mirror of your spiritual life and that includes your spiritual practice and habits, your thoughts, what you tell yourself in your head, what you say out loud, your attitude towards life, your expectation of life, your feelings and passion. You put all that together, you mix it up, put it in the oven and it grows into a three-dimensional physical world.

The quality of your life doesn’t generally happen overnight – for better or worse. It’s a progression. The ingredients of all those things I mentioned, along with time, and consistency shape what you see.

A lot of people understand this. They see it as law of attraction and think that if I just think of getting a better job, I’ll attract it. Well, yes…and no… that thinking part is just one part.

Psalm 85:11-12

Truth shall spring out of the earth; and righteousness shall look down from heaven. Yea, the LORD shall give that which is good; and our land shall yield her increase.

It’s not about getting a better job. It’s about knowing already that all your needs are met. It’s about knowing already that there is enough to go around and that includes for you. It’s about changing your mind from I don’t have enough and need more to there is enough and it is my inheritance from God to enjoy that abundance. Change the mindset from lack to plenty.

Having abundance isn’t just about more money, a nicer car, bigger house. It’s knowing that you recognize and reap the harvest of abundance in multiple ways.

It’s a mindset of abundance. Once you get into that mindset, once you begin to understand that an abundance mindset attracts abundance on the spiritual level first and then flows to the physical level you will see it show up in your life.

But it begins on the spiritual level. It begins with trusting. With having faith. With understanding that God is going to do what God does. That the Universe is going to follow the laws of the Universe.

2 Cor 9:8

And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that always having all sufficiency in everything, you may have an abundance for every good deed;

When you begin to understand this, you can see how much power you have over the quality of your life in the long run and even spiritually in the short term. The physical lags behind the spiritual which is why we must have faith, trust, and believe that our good is coming when we put in the right ingredients.

So don’t be discouraged when things aren’t happening as fast as you want them, but believe me things are happening faster than they used to.

Luk 6:45

A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.


How do you, how do we do this?

The first step is to go in – meditate or be in the silence with Spirit and listen to your higher self

The second step is to change your language to be one of abundance and positivity – both the language you speak out loud and the language you say to yourself.

The third thing is to act like it. In my new book Heaven is Now: Enough Excuses there is an essay, Heaven is Now, that talks about making the choice to act like what it is you want to see in your life. Model the behavior whether you want an abundance of love, happiness, kindness, friendships, etcetera. Be that which you want.

If you want to harvest the blessings you must first root out the weeds that tell you the lies that you aren’t enough. Then, you plant the right seeds; you nurture your soil with living water; you shine your inner light on those seeds; and you trust that god will do what god does and make it grow.

Now go forth with an open heart, a willing mind, and a knowing spirit.

20 Oct

What Are You Waiting For?

We spend too much time waiting. Waiting to live, waiting to love, waiting to be happy, waiting to be fulfilled, and waiting to die. Why? Why do we waste the precious time we have on this planet, waiting for things that, if we decided to, we could have now?

We can have life now. We can have love now. We can be happy now. We can be fulfilled now. But you have to want it and you have to act like you want it.

Most of the essays, writings, and talks in this book are meant to inspire you and remind you of your truth. This essay takes it a step further and is meant to drive you to action. You want a better life? Act like it. You want love? Act like it. You want happiness? Act like it. You want to be fulfilled? Act like it.

And that acting goes two ways. Yes, act like you want to experience these things but more importantly ACT LIKE what it is you want. Like attracts like. So before you tell me or anyone else you want to have a vibrant life ask yourself whether you are doing what you can to act vibrantly. The same goes for love. Do you want it? Act lovingly towards others. Do you want to be happy? Act with happiness in dealing with others and in doing your day to day activities. Do you want to be fulfilled? Help someone else find fulfillment and appreciate the things you already have. You don’t have to be satisfied with what you have, but you do need to appreciate the benefit it gives, because what we celebrate and give thanks for – we get more of.

Do you want to experience heaven now? Act like it is here.


(An excerpt from Heaven is Now essay in the Heaven is Now book.)

Heaven is Now is my new book that invites you to begin creating your heaven right now. It is available on Amazon Kindle (can download Kindle app) and will be available in paperback next month.

I am considering starting a discussion group initially based on the writings of this book. If this is something you’d be interested in please let me know if you prefer a monthlyThursday evening or Sunday afternoon group.
Heaven is Now Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/HeavenisNow/

08 Oct

About Karma

“When we recognize this, that Karma is simply the natural outflow of life – actions, thoughts, feelings, words, expression – we realize that we hold a great deal of power over how Karma plays out for our own lives.”

Can you think of how your own personal thoughts, actions, words, or feelings impacted a situation in your life?

What can you learn from that and the power you have based on what you bring to the world?

Join the Heaven is Now! Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/HeavenisNow/

(Quote from About Karma in Heaven is Now)


Karma is simply the natural outflow of life – actions, thoughts, feelings, words, expression

Heaven is Now

29 Sep

Your Past Prepares

Take a moment and consider where you came from. So much in your life has happened and has brought you to now. What you do with that past is more important than the details of the past. Take with you the strength you gained, the wisdom you acquired, the lessons you learned and use everything you already are to shape your today and tomorrow. If you still have breath, it is not too late to start creating the life you want.

Take with you the strength you gained - Thursday Thought

– Bernette

Heaven is Now

24 Sep

Heaven is Now


Heaven is NowI have released Heaven is Now: Enough Excuses. You ARE Worth Living For! on Amazon. It is the compilation of what amounts to years of essays, thoughts, and poetry as well as inspirational talks and meditations I’ve given.

They are meant to provide inspiration so that you can begin creating your heaven now.

While considering what I wanted for the people who would read this, I went through many thoughts. At the end, it was for the reader to be inspired and motivated to get up and say yes to their life. For the reader to show up in their lives and realize it is happening right now. It was for the reader to realize that they deserve to be happy and to experience joy and success. That it is okay to want and to dream and fall and to cry, but you get back off your butt and start living again.

We do this step by step with intention. While some of the talks, essays, and meditations will hopefully tug at you to get off your behind, I hope they will all inspire you to begin creating your own heaven now.

The paperback will be available in time for the holidays and makes a wonderfully inspiring gift.

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