22 Aug

Don’t Be Afraid of the Magic Within

This is my way of saying – recognize, honor, and access the power you have within to create the world and life you want. Whether you are a writer or a visual artists; an actor or spoken word artist. Singer, athlete? What is it that you need to uncover to achieve that performance level that you know is possible for you?

There is no right answer and you can only do what is right for you. What I offer here at Star Steps Life Coaching is different than the traditional life coach. You are in charge of your life and what you need to make it better is already there, it just needs uncovering, maybe a little washing off and polishing, but it’s there.

That’s your magic and don’t fear it. Don’t fear creating what others don’t understand. Don’t fear being greater than you are today. Don’t fear standing apart from the crowd because you’ve tapped into that inner well and taken the drink that is life itself.

Sounds a little crazy? Great. Because how has sane been working for you?

20 Aug

Eclipse (Poem)

Eclipse Poem by Bernette Sherman


Eclipse Poem by Bernette Sherman

Lifted eyes towards the sun

Revealed through parting clouds

It beckons me and calls me forth

And in this morning hour

I long to share its glow and light

Feel its majesty and warmth

For tomorrow is another day

One that ancients feared

The blotting of the sun from view

Uncertainty and possible doom

But as with these trying times

Darkness cannot last

And even if hidden from our view

The light remains strong and true

For though passing shadows

Eclipse what we thought we knew

In the span of eternity

These mere seconds will tick

And the light will shine again

©Bernette Sherman, 2017

09 Aug

Give Up Figuring Out How to Be the Artist You Want to Be

feel the truth smaller

Give Up Figuring Out How to Be the Artist You Want to Be

You want to express more of yourself as a creative artist, but how? Not knowing the answer may actually be the best thing for you. It invites the question, the exploration, the wonder. If you are a creative artist perhaps you’ve been trying to figure this out for yourself and find that you wind up back where you are. Give it up!

The problem isn’t that you haven’t come up with an answer. The problem is that you actually think that YOU have to be the one to come up with the answer.

Asking for What You Want

question mark

Let’s try this instead. Ask this question and don’t try to figure out the answer.

How can I express more of myself through my art?

Now don’t go trying to think hard about exactly what you will do. Rather, open yourself to the possibilities of this vast universe without trying to define what those possibilities are. Trust me, your ideas will pale in comparison to the infinite ideas of the entire universe. So just ask the question and whenever you find yourself trying to answer it and figure it out for yourself – STOP; and then ask the question again.

I know it sounds crazy. I get that. Maybe a little crazy is just what you need. When you stop trying to control what you are creating, how inspiration comes, how you express it in this world, you begin to build a personal box where you put you and all that you have to share inside.

Feeling Versus Figuring

feel the truth smaller

Instead of trying to get an answer with your head, find it with how you feel about various activities and opportunities. Does the thought of a particular audition make you feel good? If so, it may be right for you at this time. If it doesn’t ask yourself, “What about this audition is making me uncomfortable?” Be aware of anything that comes up for you. It might be a song on the radio, something on television, a book, billboard, or maybe a social media post that resonates with something that gives you more insight into why it makes you uncomfortable. You can ask another question (and another and another) when these things start to show up.

Here are a couple handy ones:

  • How is this related to my discomfort? Or What about my discomfort is related to what has been showing up?
  • How does this relate to my desire to express more of myself through my art?

Now, don’t do anything to get the answers. That’s right –no trying to figure it out. I will even suggest that you don’t visualize what it looks like. Keep doing what you do, without forcing. See what comes up for you. The answers will reveal themselves in ways you might not even expect. In their time. If you are tempted to work the answer out for yourself, go back to the question with an open mind and heart.

The right answer for you may not be the right answer for anyone else. And this is fine. You are a unique individual with unique dreams, talents, and purpose. Why would the right path or solution for you be what is right for everyone else? (Yes, that was an intentionally completely close-ended rhetorical question.)

Within the next twenty-four hours I invite you to choose to stop figuring it out and start asking questions. Take this post to get you started and ask big open-ended questions with an open heart and open mind. Then, be open to what shows up, even when it doesn’t look like you might have imagined it.

06 Aug

August is Here Already! What Magic Awaits?

goldilocks paperback mkt
I have had a magical summer of manifestation through allowing and as I move into August and kids return to school I ask myself what else is possible? I want to ask you the same thing. What else is possible for you and how do you open up to the magic in your life?

Be sure to read my recent post on Star Steps Coaching as well – Don’t Be Afraid of the Magic Within.
goldilocks paperback mktDo you like magic? Adventure? Action-packed books? Out of the Woods is now available in paperback as well as in ebook. If you have KindleUnlimited you can read it for free. However, because you actually read this far in my newsletter, I would like to give this book to you as an ebook. Just send me an email with the email address you would like to receive it.
Seven lucky people can get this for free. Request by September 1. Please only request if you sincerely would like to read this novella. Of course, it’s still less than a latte when not free. And it’s worth more and lasts longer! If you miss the free offer you can still order yours here.  I definitely appreciate your support and your reviews.

I am excited to have been invited to join the Southern Collective Experience and have a couple pieces of work included in the upcoming Blue Mountain Review, an international journal published by SCE. Even more, I’ve been asked to publish my next book of poetry through associated press. Have you gotten a copy of Resist Persist yet?

I will be releasing my first ever music single soon. It will be out in time for International Peace Day on September 21. This song will be one to keep and to share. Look for the release info in a separate message in the coming weeks.

Book 2 of the Chosen Series is being edited and will be released in early Fall, possibly around the same time at my single. Awaken the Chosen will continue the epic saga of a world threatened by earthquakes and a government with too much power and greed. See the book 1 trailer here: https://youtu.be/P-gTn9Hf0KY.

Love, Light, and Peace,
13 Jun

A Year!


Last year this time, my first novella, Crossed: The Karma Crusades, made its debut on Wattpad as a featured story. I’ve updated the cover and am still proud of that accomplishment. You can still read it there or get it in paperback or ebook on Amazon.com.



01 Jun

Death of Democracy Published in Dissident Voice

I was thrilled to have my poem Death of Democracy accepted and published in the May 28th online edition of Dissident Voice for their weekly poem. What an honor to have this piece appreciated and shared in this way. You can see the poem on Dissident Voice here at Dissident Voice.

This poem was written in early May 2017 as I watched the rumbling of our democratic foundations and pondered how democracy dies, bit by bit, and will go the way of other powerful civilizations unless she is helped and aided by those who believe in her. If you like this poem, you may like my longer (epic length) poem called The Castle and Her Lady which is in Resist Persist.

Death of Democracy

26 May

Creating and the Sacral Chakra


Creating and the Sacral Chakra

(from manuscript I am currently working on)

As you might imagine, there is the potential for many seeds to be planted in this area and this area is fertile ground for manifesting our creativity and inspiration. It is a place where our ideas and beliefs can take hold and grow. This is true whether those ideas, beliefs, and inspirations are helpful or not. Nothing can grow unless a seed is first placed in the soil and it begins to take root.

Your seeds take root when they are given energy and nourishment. We naturally have a desire to create and see our ideas become reality. What grows must first be planted, and what might be fertile ground for one thing may not be fertile ground for something else.

Think about the ideas you may hold about yourself, your potential, your ability to have what you want. The soil for nurturing positive ideas is going to be different than those that feed the negative ideas.

Our body has seven main chakras. While many discuss twelve important chakras and even more minor chakras, I want to talk about the one that is relevant to our wombs and conception. Our sacral chakra.


Where is it? The sacral chakra is your second chakra and is located in your lower abdomen in the area of the womb or navel. It is accessible from the front or back of the body as it is energetic and passes through.

What it controls and helps with: The sacral chakra is you’re the center for creativity and inspiration. If you want to create life, real or metaphorically, this chakra needs to be balanced and clear. The associated color for this chakra is orange.

Getting Your Creative Center – That Sacral Chakra Going

How can you get this chakra spinning for creativity? Try these simple ideas, but remember the most important thing is holding intention.

Using Prayer or Mediation

Prayer or meditation are great methods because you don’t need any tools.

Golden Ray Visualization for Sacral Chakra

Sit or kneel or stand (it really doesn’t matter) and imagine a beautiful golden ray of light coming into the top of your head (crown chakra) and flowing down your body to near your naval where your sacral chakra. Let it fill up that area with that golden light. Imagine that golden color deepens to like the sunset to an orange as it moves through your sacral chakra, energizing it. See your creative center expanding.

Prayer/Meditation for Sacral Chakra

Know and speak or think these things for yourself

  1. I am a creative person by nature
  2. I create easily and effortlessly because it is my nature
  3. I am grateful for the flow of creativity in my life and through my artistic craft

Thank you (always say thank you, it’s polite.)

Using Crystals

crystals for sacral chakra

For this method, you’ll need at least one crystal to help hold the intention.

I suggest either a nice clear quartz crystal (universal crystal) or a natural orange crystal of your choice. Don’t choose a crystal that has been colored or dyed.

Sit or lay or stand, but be relaxed and comfortable. Place the crystal against your sacral chakra and hold it there while you continue. Imagine the energy of the crystal flowing into your body as you follow the golden ray visualization above.

Feel the connection of the energy from the crystal in front of you and the golden ray entering you from above. While feeling this energy flow imagine that chakra opening up like a beautiful flower with countless petals, in hues of orange and deep yellows. Allow this to continue until you are ready to end. You may also continue with the prayer/meditation above.

I always like to end any energy work with gratitude. A simple thank you for the highest good and best outcome can suffice.

Are you a creative artist? How do you get your juices flowing? Read my post – Three Tips for Getting the Heart Flow Going – For Creative Artists

28 Apr

Changes – Doing Me

Have you ever tried to pull back who you are to appeal to more people? To satisfy others expectations of what and who you are supposed to be? I have. In fact I’ve been doing it right here.

This is the thing. I’m a complex individual with complex experiences, perspectives, ideas, beliefs, and dreams. Maybe you are too. Maybe you understand that things aren’t always black and white, up or down, yes or no. But that grays, midpoints, and maybes dance right along all those polarities and extremes. So do I.

What’s that mean? It just means I’m moving it all in, if you like it great, if you don’t, so be it. I can’t worry about the masses, when those who are meant to connect with me and find their way to their creative core through this spot – will.

I am spiritual. I am metaphysical. I am thoughtful. I am a teacher. I am a coach. I am a writer. I am a poet. I am human. I am female. I am black. I am open. I am creative. I am.

Are you ready to be you and create from a place of authenticity?

My coaching helps you tap into your creativity and pull it out because we all have it, we are it. At the core everything is creative. It’s time to move that creativity from your heart to sole!