20 Mar

A Poetic Summary of Chosen

About Chosen: A Poetic Summary

For millenia the Descendants have ruled
Their power goes the world through
Removing those that would resist
Accepting casualties of the innocent
Their greed and what they’ve will to do
Without bounds they write the truth
Maintain control while the planet breaks
Point no fingers, take no blame

The seven chosen before birth
Face secret dangers of the Earth
The World Consensus and UniCorps
Knowing what will come, press forth
Silence all who’d warn the masses
They give the Chosen cause for action
With Keepers and mentors at their sides
They learn why they came into this life

Genetically changed for strength and endurance
To enhance natural gifts and performance
To overcome the evil plaguing the planet
To defeat the giants and restore balance
In the end, to save the world
Born three boys and four girls
Each of them special and unique
A different continent and quality

Now they know who and why they are
They’ve gotten a glimpse of a world torn apart
it’s time to decide to speak out or hide
To be part of the answer or let millions die
To awaken to their lives as the Chosen
And walk through that one way gate
Quelled curiosity and the answers they seek
Are all bound together – just turn the page


Book 1 available for 99cents. If ypu don’t like it, it’s free.


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18 Mar

Ready to Soar

 Ready to Soar

by Bernette Sherman



She sits atop a mountain

The view she holds is grand

The wind refreshing and pure

The rock cool beneath her fingers


She inhales, she exhales

Her breath shallow with the altitude

Her heart pounding like a drum



Potential explodes within her chest

She dreams of flying from this peak

Watching a beautiful world

As she soars as if on eagles’ wings


Still she sits quietly

Like ice warming, melting

The energy slowly flowing

Knowing where she stands

(Included in Heaven is Now: Enough Excuses)

02 Mar

School Break – In Under 30 Minutes

School Break – In Under 30 Minutes




The youngest comes in and plops down

Mommy, I’m ready to eat

How about cereal

No thanks, I’ll have an omelet please

He points to my head as I scramble eggs

Mommy, is your hair turning gray

I’m not answering that

Mommy, when are we getting a cat?

I don’t know when, but we will soon

Please, please please, can we go today


I shake my locs and sip my homemade latte

Mommy can I have a snack

You didn’t finish breakfast

If you’re hungry eat that

I’m not hungry. Can I have some juice

No, why don’t you go clean your room

Will you help me, please please please

Depending on mood it’s a no, yes or maybe

And sometimes it’s an, “I’ll help if you’ll help.

Hampers are full and folding’s not done”

Before I can say anymore, he’s gone

Ten minutes later my youngest returns

Mommy Mommy, guess what

Yes, what is it, my son

Nothing, room’s clean and I’m ready for fun

Bed’s made, clothes off the floor, toys put away?

Yes yes and yes that means I’m done for the day

(I can’t even) Please let me just think

If you’re done with breakfast, put your dishes in the sink

Then can I have a snack and watch TV?

I hesitate a millisecond

It’s 7:21, caffeine still needs more time

Mommy? Mommy?? Mommy???

Not yet, go get a book to read

Awww, I don’t want to do that

Well you’re supposed to, everyday

But why? It’s the first day of break

So I can wake up enough to think

And so your brain doesn’t waste away

Then can I please watch TV?

I shake my head in disbelief

Maybe we can go look for a cat

Or go scooting in the courts

I down the last ounce, it’s 7:24


09 Jan

Just Words

They are just words

It’s not like I ever hit you

They’re only words

What are you weak?

I never did a thing

They are but words

What’s wrong with you?

Can’t you take a joke?

I never raised a hand

or grabbed you by the throat

Are you stupid, blind, or just crazy

to think I’d ever hurt you

I love you more than I’ve ever loved

Yeah, I’m giving that love to you

You should be grateful I’d have you

Some days I’m not sure why I do

You don’t respect, treat me like less

and then get moody

Like I did something to you

If anything it’s you, not me

Walking around like you scared to speak

I’ll tell you what then, I’ll speak for you

You don’t have anything worth saying anyway

What was that? You trying to talk back?

I won’t be disrespected

This is my house and I do what I do

You just make sure you clean up the mess

I need to get out of here

don’t ask me where I’m going

don’t tell me you need to talk

You’re lucky all I have is words for you

and those words better be enough

Like I said, I’d never hurt you

So just move out the way…

They are just words

I tell myself

He’d never hit me, so it’s okay

I step back and watch him walk away…

I write this poem to let those who are suffering and have suffered from the invisibility of being in an emotionally abusive relationship. It is real. You are seen. Don’t let the internal hurt be minimized because it doesn’t bear external scars. They are not just words. What is spoken is powerful and writes itself onto our minds and hearts. It impacts us in ways we may not even see for years. You are strong and worthy and deserving, just as I was and am. Love yourself enough to trust that you do deserve to be loved the right way.

#emotionalabuse #wordshurt

29 Sep

The Castle and Her Lady


Author’s Perspective

I wrote The Castle and Her Lady while thinking about society on multiple levels. I considered society, the country, the world and how we must come together in the face of troubles, to collectively save ourselves – as represented by the societal group we may be a part of. Our lady (our collective existence) is within this castle (societal and governmental institutions). The castle is crumbling, those charged with maintaining order are uneasy, the people are restless and wanting to see the castle fixed. But not in the same way, better. Hear us, let us in to help. We are resilient and if we see our lady is struggling, like a child in water, we will do what we must to save her.

The Castle and Her Lady
By Bernette Sherman

Shadows loom as dark clouds brood
Above the castle’s walls
The stone is chipped
The panes are cracked
The guards tense where they stand

Outside the high and pointed gates
the people round and wait
A crack of lightning strikes,
but in some distant place
Oh not so, as it comes close

The thunder claps around
The sound deafens the cries and pleas
of those who take the second watch
And where they’ve planted their weary feet
they peer through the cold steel bars

No one hears them, no one sees
They’re hidden in the descended mist
They’re lost in thunder, lightning, fog
Look there! Do not be distracted, blinded
Your focus, now, is required

You must only pass through the gates
You masons, builders, architects
Come now you dreamer and the child
Come now philosopher and scientist
Run with all your tools in hand
To the castle ‘fore she falls
Gather round to hold her up
She requires every one of us

The Castle and Her Lady contains an additional 14 stanzas which you can read free when you sign up to my mailing list or for just 99 cents when you download on Amazon.The Castle and Her Lady A Poem

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