Creative Core Classes

Creative Core Classes

Creative Core celebrates the power of creativity to empower individuals from the young to the mature. Studio is geared to tweens (school or center extracurricular), teens, and young adults. Creative Core Classes are primarily for those who want to create and/or perform poetry, monologues, skits, and other spoken word creations. You don’t have to consider yourself a writer, poet, or artist to be creative. We all are – let’s bring it out!

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Finishing Touch Playshop

In this playshop participants put the finishing touch on poetry and monologues (content) and refine presentation of pieces to be performed. This playshop may be scheduled for as little as two hours up to a full six hour day.

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Creative Core Studio

What Happens in CCS?

We inspire, create, coach, and share!


An inspiration piece is shared. It may be a physical object, quote, poem or idea. The group discusses the inspiration piece and then proceeds to work independently or in small groups to develop their own work.


They may use the inspiration piece to jumpstart a new concept, continue something in progress, or come up with their own ideas for something new. The goal of the inspiration piece is to get the mind ready to think creatively.


During independent work time, students may sign up for one-on-one coaching to develop their piece or the performance of their piece.


At the end of class there is time allotted for students to volunteer to present their work and receive helpful feedback.

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