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Music ROCS

Music to Raise Our Consciousness and Spirit

Music can lift the spirits, inspire us, remind us of who we are, heal, and open us up to be more.


heck out my debut single Walk in Peace (Love and  Heal the World). This song is just what we need in these trying times, to bridge the divide, bring us closer, and remind us that despite differences we are still sisters and brothers and that love is love. Join my mailing list to know when it drops.

Walk in Peace is available through download direct from my distributor, streaming, and on the main music avenues.


Bernette-Sherman-headshotBernette is a vocalist whose talents include writing lyrics, melodies, and singing inspirational music. If you have music and need lyrics, Bernette would be happy to work with you to create messages that inspire life and love. Bernette writes across different themes from inspirational to R&B and even can write you rap, country, or whatever your flavor might be.

Bernette is available in the metro Atlanta area to perform in spiritual and healing services acapella, with instrumental accompaniment, and with other musicians.  She is also available as a background vocalist in studio.

In addition to being a vocalist and lyricist, Bernette writes poetry, inspirational essays, and novels (sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal). While you likely won’t see her on tour, you might catch her at an event such as those listed above or at an open-mic performing spoken word or singing.