Spoken Word Artist

Spoken Word ArtistBernette shares her original poetry at events, schools, and in other settings.


Non-profits and public schools – a nominal fee of $10 is requested for performing one poem. Non-profits that have as their core mission the caring for children who have been trafficked or abused women may keep the $10 fee as a donation.

Other organizations and for profit institutions – fees begin at $50 and vary by location, type of event, and size of event

I prefer not to offer my services at or for organizations that discriminate against individuals based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion (or lack thereof), sexual orientation or identification.



Author/Write Original Verse

I'll Write Original VersePoetry or Song LyricsBernette writes original verse as poetry or song lyrics. Provide music and a theme or I supply theme based on inspiration.
(Songwriter splits may apply.)

This service is not for ghost-writing and author (Bernette Sherman) retains rights and copyrights unless other arrangements made.


Commercial fees are higher and may require the industry standard songwriter split form to be completed. I decrease my future percentage on these forms to allot for upfront fees of creating the original work. One standard length song is $50 plus split. You also have the option of purchasing song rights.

Non-commercial fees for poetry and other lyrics that will not be performed or sold for profit or at any cost begin at $25 for a standard one page poem with 3 to 4 verses and is $25 per page or partial page after this.

Self-Publishing Coaching and Guidance

Self-Publishing Coaching and GuidanceI’ve been there. You’ve written or book or are close to done but how do you get it from your word document to Amazon or in print? Some writers use special software but if you’re like me with MS Word, you’re in good company. Let me help you work through this. Ideally for those writing non-fiction, but I can help with fiction as well as a self-published author of both.


One time consultation by phone or in person: $75 plus purchase of at least $6 worth of books

Over a call of approximately forty-five minutes, we’ll talk about your project. I’ll answer any questions you have, offer suggestions, recommendations, and share my own experiences.

Per Project Support: From $100 plus purchase of at least $6 worth of books. Contact me for a quote

Integrative Creative Coaching and Guidance

Bernette takes a creative and intuitive approach, applying universal and spiritual laws, when coaching for life transformation. She believes that we create our experiences. At the core everything is creative and so arriving here to read these words is an outcome you created. That means it is no accident that you are here. What I do is creative coaching and it can be applied to your creative artistry or creating a life you love. I’ve been a certified coach since 2009 and am ready to help you. What are you creating?

I can help you move past the excuses, take steps to create the life you want, and start living.

Go to Star Steps Coaching for more information on this service, fees, and packages.

Have questions? Contact me and let me know what additional information you need.