Coaching – Getting Started and Investment

Getting Started and Investment

You’ll see from my essays and talks in Heaven is Now that I believe our current experience is the result of past and present thinking. Too often we get caught in the mode of repeating patterns of thinking and behavior that either no longer serve us or never did.

These patterns become our habits and if we want to make positive changes in our life, first we must recognize the habits that sabotage our peace, well-being, joy, and with that the ability to create freely. Then we can do something about them.

Download the e-book or order a paperback copy of Heaven is Now: Enough Excuses and begin the journey to a new you!  I ask that potential clients read A Letter to Fear before beginning coaching. Once you’ve been inspired through this work and are ready to make the commitment needed to create change in your own life, I’d love to talk to you.

I use this book as part of my coaching practice with clients. We will discuss the essays and talks and use the Dream meditation as part of coaching.

If after reading Heaven is Now you are interested in Star Steps Coaching please let me know using the Contact page.  You’ll receive a Potential Client Inquiry Form to complete prior to your free phone consultation. After your consultation we will each have an opportunity to decide if the coaching relationship would be a good fit for you.  If you move forward with Star Steps Coaching, you will be asked to complete a more thorough Client Intake Form.

The Client Intake Form and contract along with your month one payment must be submitted to begin coaching. Month one initial activities include the Stepping Stones game and energy healing.

In addition to a financial investment, there is time and energy that will need to be invested for change to occur and for your coaching to be a success.

Payments are then due by the first day of the month for the remainder of the contract period. 

New Client Packages

These packages include an initial coaching consultation, an Access Bars session, the Stepping Stones game, and four coaching sessions. This is the introductory coaching package. Ongoing coaching is available as well as additional services.

30 Minute Coaching Sessions -$150 to begin and $90 in months 2 and 3

60 Minute Coaching Sessions – $150 to begin and $130 in months 2 and 3

This is a great value. Clients must be committed to change and this integrated approach allows us to address issues at the spiritual and mental level before moving into coaching sessions. You’ll see your life begin to shift after the Access Bars session and insight gained from the Stepping Stones game.

Ongoing Packages

Coaching clients under this plan receive 10% off of any other services during contract period.

Semi-monthly Coaching Session of 30 Minutes – 3 or 6 Months -$90 per month

Semi-monthly Coaching Session of 60 Minutes – 3 or 6 Months -$130 per month

Individual Sessions for Coaching (after 6 months)

One Hour – $75

Thirty Minutes – $50
Distance Energy Healing for Coaching Clients under contract – This is done using a grid that sends healing energy and is free upon request of the client.