02 Mar

School Break – In Under 30 Minutes

School Break – In Under 30 Minutes




The youngest comes in and plops down

Mommy, I’m ready to eat

How about cereal

No thanks, I’ll have an omelet please

He points to my head as I scramble eggs

Mommy, is your hair turning gray

I’m not answering that

Mommy, when are we getting a cat?

I don’t know when, but we will soon

Please, please please, can we go today


I shake my locs and sip my homemade latte

Mommy can I have a snack

You didn’t finish breakfast

If you’re hungry eat that

I’m not hungry. Can I have some juice

No, why don’t you go clean your room

Will you help me, please please please

Depending on mood it’s a no, yes or maybe

And sometimes it’s an, “I’ll help if you’ll help.

Hampers are full and folding’s not done”

Before I can say anymore, he’s gone

Ten minutes later my youngest returns

Mommy Mommy, guess what

Yes, what is it, my son

Nothing, room’s clean and I’m ready for fun

Bed’s made, clothes off the floor, toys put away?

Yes yes and yes that means I’m done for the day

(I can’t even) Please let me just think

If you’re done with breakfast, put your dishes in the sink

Then can I have a snack and watch TV?

I hesitate a millisecond

It’s 7:21, caffeine still needs more time

Mommy? Mommy?? Mommy???

Not yet, go get a book to read

Awww, I don’t want to do that

Well you’re supposed to, everyday

But why? It’s the first day of break

So I can wake up enough to think

And so your brain doesn’t waste away

Then can I please watch TV?

I shake my head in disbelief

Maybe we can go look for a cat

Or go scooting in the courts

I down the last ounce, it’s 7:24