12 Apr

Out of Apathy (Poetry)

Out of Apathy is an original poem written and shared by Bernette Sherman.

It is available in Resist Persist (May 23, 2017) on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XT2MKDX.

Bernette will be sharing writing and poetry from her inspirational book Heaven is Now: Enough Excuses and Resist Persist at the Book Signing and Reading on April 29th at the Book House in Mableton, GA. If you are in the metro Atlanta area, please come out to meet me and two other local authors.

06 Apr

Whisper in the Wind (Poem Sample)


Whisper in the Wind

My hands glide across the keyboard

and yet I stare at nothing

Inspiration sapped by desperation

What words can I even say?

Does nothing mean anything?


My tears dot the “I”

I cannot, I will not leave the keys

Something may yet come forth

But I’m not supposed to let it

It isn’t polite

to speak such things or in that way


Smile and wave

that’s how you do it,

get through it

One more day

Smile and wave


Stuff it down

Cuz my irritation

isn’t welcome here

Never was

Will it ever be?


Will anyone ever care to hear?

That I’m tired

and sometimes angry

At the ignorance and lies

At arrogance and pompous clowns

Who have never lived real life


The keyboard does no justice

Yet it is where I am

My canvas to paint a better world

With vivid color, brush the land


(Full poem in Resist Persist book – releases May 2017)

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25 Mar

New Poetry Book – Resist Persist – Available Soon!

Preorder resist persist now

I’m excited to announce that my first book of complete poetry will be available soon as an ebook. You can pre-order now at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XT2MKDX.

The book includes poetry that challenges our ideas around involvement, activism, peace, and living now. We can resist and still persist.

This is a personal collection with most works written in the last few years, sprinkled with a few that span more than a decade. A glimpse into my own complexities, this book will leave you inspired to be an active participant in this inter-sectional and complicated existence called life.

Oh and be sure to pre-order and save your receipt to either send for $10 off class registration and to get my upcoming single  free. (It will be releasing this Spring if all goes just right.)