31 Mar

Personal Love

Over the past couple of months I’ve given a lot of thought to the idea of love. I’ve thought about love as it relates to my husband, my children, my mother and brothers, my neighbors, my neighborhood, my city, my country, and the world I live in. I’ve thought about love as it relates to God and how God relates to me. I thought about it in these ways because love is personal. It is something you feel, give, and receive on a personal level. Talking about love only becomes real through the experience of it.

I never knew what it was like to love someone completely without any conditions or expectations until I gave birth to my daughter. My heart expanded and my concept of love with it. I now understood my own mother better because of that experience.

When I look at the world right now, I see it. I see love. I know that it is easy to be distracted by the flashing lights of discontent and what appears as hate, but I recognize that as a lack of love. Perhaps you’ve heard the saying that love brings up anything unlike itself. Why? So, that it can be healed by love. Five years ago, I couldn’t have imagined being in this place and faced with the challenge of expanding love, peace, and equality on such a large scale but here we are. It got personal. It got personal for the masses.

It had been personal for many disenfranchised groups for a long time, but the voices became louder because there are more of them. Some voices cry out against a thing. I want to cry out for something. I want to cry out for more love, knowing that if we have more love the rest will follow.

Personal Love
I desire for love to become a consumable centerpiece at the table of life, shared by all, because all are welcome at the table. I don’t imagine it will happen overnight. I’m not that naïve. But I do believe that our world will lean more visibly towards love by the time I see the faces of my grandchildren. While the large demonstrations are important for building awareness and raising consciousness on a mass level, the small demonstrations are even more important.
I’m speaking of the small acts of love we have an opportunity to show every single day to our family, our friends, our neighbors, and in our neighborhoods. Perhaps it’s the smile you give a stranger at the grocery store, helping a mom with her hands full, picking up something that someone dropped, buying someone lunch, or even a coffee, calling an old friend just to say hi and show you care. Simple things that collectively raise the energy of love higher.
Now is the time to recommit to loving more and there is no shortage of ways to love.

In what ways can you love others?

Bernette Sherman is an author, speaker, and coach. Her book Heaven is Now: Enough Excuses is available in paperback and e-book formats on AmazonCreative Core is how she shares her gifts with the world through books, poetry, classes, playshops, and more.